Hue sync download pc

Hue sync download pc

hue sync download pc

Hue Sync for PC. Download the PC or Mac app. › Windows › Others › Fun. Hue Sync installs as an 'Accessibility Service'; this is so it can listen to audio, watch your screen, then sync that information up to your Hue lights. Select Open​. hue sync download pc

Made: Hue sync download pc

Hue sync download pc
Hue sync download pc
Hue sync download pc
Hue sync download pc
Hue sync download pc

How to Install Philips Hue Sync for Mac and Windows

Authored by: Tech Pro Team
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In This GuideYou'll Learn How To:
  • Install Philips Hue's Hue Sync application to control your Hue Lights from your computer.
Before We Begin:
  • Have your Hue lights setup.
  • Be at your computer.
  • Be able to access your Hue Bridge.

1 OS Choice

There are 2 main Operating Systems for personal computers currently available, Windows and macOS.

WindowsWindows runs on computers produced by multiple companies, such as Lenovo, Asus, Dell, Toshiba, Hewlett Packard, Acer, and Sony.macOSApple is the only company that makes macOS computers.

? What Operating System do you have on your computer?

  1. Windows
  2. macOS

Hue sync download pc

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